Beginning in 2016, PTCB has changed the recertification schedule for active PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technicians (CPhTs). PTCB has added nine additional recertification deadlines for a total of 12 per year, and has transitioned active CPhTs to the new cycle. As always, CPhTs are required to recertify every 2 years.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is affected?
All CPhTs are affected by the changes outlined above. Most active CPhTs have a new certification expiration date, while a small percentage are keeping the same expiration date. All are required to apply for recertification by the first day of their expiration month. You can use this tool to check your expiration date. You will need your certification number.

What is changing?
PTCB has added nine additional deadlines for a total of 12 recertification deadlines per year. The Recertification Window has been reduced from 100 days to 60 days. PTCB has also implemented an ‘Application Deadline’ (previously the ‘Renew by Date’) and a late application fee of $25.

What is the new Recertification Window?
The new Recertification Window begins 60 days before a CPhT’s certification expiration date. CPhTs will receive an email message from PTCB notifying them when their Recertification Window has opened. They will have 30 days to submit their application before a late application processing fee will be charged. Applications submitted after the Application Deadline, which is the first day of the certification expiration month, will incur the $25 late fee.

What is the new Application Deadline and late application processing fee?
The new Application Deadline is the first day of a CPhT’s certification expiration month. Any recertification application received after the Application Deadline will be assessed a $25 late application fee, in addition to the required $40 recertification application fee.

When is PTCB implementing the new recertification deadlines?
The new recertification deadlines take effect in January 2016. During 2015, PTCB selected active CPhTs from each of the existing deadline groups and redistributed their expiration dates so their new dates are within 3 months (see chart above) of their previous expiration dates. Not all CPhTs have experienced a change in their expiration date; a portion of CPhTs are keeping their previous certification expiration date.

Why is PTCB implementing the new recertification deadlines?
The new recertification deadlines are more consistent with PTCB’s continuous nationwide testing and help facilitate recertification application submission and processing. The change is designed to help reduce potential disruptions that could affect an individual’s employment or state registration. The new recertification deadlines are intended to improve the customer service experience and enhance the recertification process for CPhTs.

How are CPhTs being notified of their new certification expiration dates?
PTCB sent active CPhTs an email message containing their new certification expiration date, their new Application Deadline, and information explaining the new recertification deadline schedule. PTCB sent these messages during 2015. CPhTs may check their certification expiration dates by logging into their PTCB Account or using this lookup tool. This information is displayed on their individual account homepage and can be viewed by printing an official certificate.

Do the new recertification deadlines affect expired technicians?
No, technicians who are not currently certified with PTCB (expired certificants) are not be affected by the changes unless they reinstate their credentials.

Where can I find more information about the recertification deadline changes?
The chart, above, provides a visual map of the deadline changes. CPhTs received information by email from PTCB during 2015 explaining the changes and notifying them of their expiration dates. CPhTs may also check their certification expiration dates by logging into their PTCB Account.

What process did PTCB use to distribute recertification deadlines?
PTCB used a randomized selection process to assign new expiration dates for all CPhTs. New expiration dates are within 3 months (on or following) of a CPhT’s previous expiration date (see above chart).

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