Kevin NadresI was born in Chicago on September 8, 1992. I lived in Cicero from when I was about 3 all the way to fourth grade. I moved to Bolingbrook and lived here since.

My mother and father both came here to the United State from the Philippines in 1991. At first my mother and father worked in McDonalds. They tried going to college and taking some times but it was a lot of work trying to take care of me and my siblings, their jobs, and school. Eventually my father went into the marines and was corpsman. After two tours, my father found a job as a mailman for USPS in Chicago. My mom worked for MidAmerica bank which is now PNC bank. She would get all the way to Assistant Manager. My mom now works with my dad’s parents as the run a medical home. Both my mom and dad’s families eventually moved from the Philippines to the US during my younger years. My mom’s dad died a couple years ago and it was a very tough time for me and my family. It really showed for me through my school work. He had lung cancer but was able to get free of it when I was in my teenage years. In my second year of college is where he got a heart attack. After getting back home he fell out of bed and was in the hospital from then on. He was put on life support and eventually died. My grandpa on my dad’s side has recently been diagnosed with dementia which also has taken a toll on my family. He now is back in the Philippines with my grandma as he tries to get better. Finishing school and getting a degree would be a very emotional thing for me as I want to make my whole family proud. I will be the first one to graduate and get a degree in the US.

As I said my dad was in the marines. My grandpa and two uncles on my mom’s side were all in the navy. Both my uncles on my mom’s side went to school but never finished. My grandpa did not go to college as he went straight to the navy.

As I discussed getting a degree and being successful is something my parents wanted for me ever since I was young. They want me to have my own family that I could provide for and experience as less problems possible. They have taught me that family is the most important thing and that we all need to stick together. I would like to teach and continue that.

I would like to get my pharmD and having a career in pharmacy would be helpful to my family. I would be able to help them with life and health decisions. I would also be able to be in the healthcare profession and would help with my grandparent’s medical home. I choose pharmacy because I always interested research of new drugs. Working in the hospital I also have learned that I would love to help people. Enduring some of the hardships with my grandpas I know now that I would love to help people. My parents also wanted for me to be a doctor but I wanted to work in the pharmacy.

My parents and grandparents have been pushing me through to get a degree. They have helped with my financial situations and always keep preaching that I have to finish college no matter what. Another strong influence that I want to mention is my girlfriend. We have been dating for six years and eventually I would like propose to her. But she is another one that has helped through my pharmacy career path.

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