Healthcare Educational Services Offered

mk-circles-300-classMK Education, a premier provider of healthcare educational services, offers full-service curriculum choices and other various components to compliment your college’s existing programs. We are confident that our services can provide your institution
with more competitive, quality options.

  • Innovative Career Programs
  • Curriculum and Training Modification
  • Instructor Recruitment and Management
  • Healthcare Externship Coordinators
  • Student Recruitment Services
  • Advertising and PR Campaigns
  • Quality Material Distribution
  • In-House Publishing
  • Community Specific Needs Analytics
  • Post-Graduate Services

Students (recruitment and relations)

Our student relations and recruitment department exercises quality control in every step of the student’s journey to a new career. Students have access to specialized support in everything from picking the perfect program to finding that tailor-made career. This department ensures every one of our students is satisfied with the career training they are receiving. Our student relations and recruitment department also prides itself on having an open line of communication between
MK Education and its students. Regular student feedback allows MK Education to continually improve programs and better serve our students and clients.


Our marketing services are not only top-of-the-line, but state-of-the-art. We stay constant with the latest trends in internal, external, and internet marketing. Marketing plans are developed for every location and individualized for every program.

Direct Marketing

Internet Marketing


Instructor Recruitment (recruitment and management)

MK Education instructors must pass an initial phone screening, background check, interview with a school administrator, and, an in-person interview with MK Education (when necessary). As a member of the MK Education family, instructors will receive a wealth of training to prepare for class. Our Instructor Management staff provides every instructor with an orientation to the program and continuous training throughout the semester with newsletters, teleconferences, and a series of training videos. Utilizing quality control and assurance practices throughout the semester,MK Education ensures students are receiving the best education possible.

Instructor Recruitment

Instructor Training

  • Orientation Manuals
  • Newsletters
  • Teleconferences
  • Training Videos

Instructor Management

  • Surveys
  • Site Visits
  • Customized Learning Plans