chelseaMy name is Chelsea Burns and I am a fourth-year pharmacy student on rotation at MK Education. This was my elective rotation, which means I got to choose which specialty or field of pharmacy to work at for a six-week period. I chose MK Education because I wanted to try my hand at teaching. I had the wonderful opportunity to teach pharmacy technician students at Morton College during my time here, and I would like to share a bit of my experience.

It was very interesting to be on the other end of things: being the teacher at the podium rather than the student sitting in the desk. I got to present about the HIPAA law, pseudoephedrine laws, routes of administration, and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician. The students were very responsive to me as a student and I felt like they truly listened to what I had to say. The instructor and I worked together to create PowerPoints for the upcoming classes so the students could be exposed to a variety of different teaching styles and topics.

It turns out that academia is something I could definitely see myself doing in the future. Teaching students and inspiring them to pursue pharmacy gave me such pride! Thank you, MK Education, for this opportunity.

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