fgcuFORT MYERS, Fla. – The Office of Continuing Education & Off-Campus Programs at Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) will assist Heritage Institute students pursuing healthcare training that were displaced by Heritage Institute’s sudden closure so that they can finish up their studies and get into the workforce.

In conjunction with MK Education, an education consulting firm that partners with colleges nationwide to offer healthcare career training, FGCU Office of Continuing Education offers a Pharmacy Technician Training Program. The program’s duration is twenty-one weeks and includes preparation for the certification examination administered by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board. Pharmacy Tech is delivered largely online, coupled with testing at FGCU facilities, and mandatory weekly practical training plus an end-of-course externship at a local pharmacy. FGCU has been made aware of former Heritage Institute students ranging from some who have enrolled but not commenced their studies at Heritage, to students who completed some coursework and need more coursework plus externships, to others who have completed coursework and currently are in externship but need to take exams from MK Education so that MK can certify them. Students from outside the Fort Myers area may also enroll, but would complete their involvement with pharmacies in their area as arranged by MK Education.

To assist those students displaced by the recent closure of Heritage Institute, FGCU Continuing Education and MK Education have agreed on a plan whereby the former Heritage Pharmacy Technician students may complete their studies through FGCU Continuing Education at a significant discount, depending on the progress of each students’ course of study with Heritage Institute at the time of closure. Similar consideration will be extended to area former Heritage students pursuing Medical Coding training–FGCU Continuing Education/MK Education has a medical coding class scheduled for January at both its Naples and Fort Myers locations. For former Heritage Medical Coding students nationwide, similar to the Pharmacy Technician Training Program, Medical Coding training programs at FGCU are offered in a flipped format where students will be able to view their lectures online and attend a local site for exams and practical training.

FGCU Continuing Education/MK Education will continue its outreach to former Heritage students nationwide to determine if any of its other healthcare training programs can be offered in a flipped format through FGCU, enabling them to complete their studies.

For further information, contact Paul Thornton at (239) 425-3274 or pthornton@fgcu.edu.

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