Learning Materials

We pride ourselves on providing the most up-to-date professional healthcare study materials and supplies for our students. Our learning materials accompany our curriculums or can be ordered separately to compliment your programs.
  • Updated Tools and Supplies
  • Materials for Lab Exercises
  • Timely and Reliable Delivery
  • Annual Review of All MK Education Material

Blended Learning

In addition to traditional learning option we have added blended learning programs to our catelogue. The blended/hybrid option allows students to attend class from the comfort of their home and receive the hands-on lab experiences needed from a well-rounded healthcare training program. The combination of online lectures and in-class labs at MK Education provides busy students with an alternative to traditional classroom learning. Online help sessions and classroom review sessions ensure students receive proper support throughout the semester.
  • 70% Online
  • 30% Classroom
  • Proctored Mid-term & Final Exams
  • Face-to-Face Review Sessions, Labs & Calculations Training
  • Online Forums
  • Same Quality Materials Used in Traditional Courses


Professional hands-on training is essential for complete healthcare education. Our externships allow students to gain experience in the healthcare field while making vital professional connections and building their resumes. With the help of businesses in the community, students work with their future employers and co-workers while still completing our program. All sites are required to evaluate students individually. This proactive feedback provides students the knowledge they need to grow and allows MK Education to continually enhance our programs’ effectiveness.

Benefits of Externships

  • Guaranteed Placement
  • Hands-on Training
  • Partnerships with Community Businesses
  • Future Employment Possibilities

Needs Analysis

A needs analysis is performed for every client interested in implementing a new program with MK Education. Our needs analyses provide up-to-date information, directly from professionals working in the community, and includes local job availability with employer-preferred qualifications.

Community-Specific Needs Analysis

  • Surveys of Community Businesses
  • Professional Feedback
  • Job Analytics and Outlook
  • Externship Analytics
  • Recruitment of Instructors