MRxI Testimonials

Read MRxI success story testimonials from our students.

“I would highly recommend this program. It is a fantastic way to enter the field if you are interested in becoming a hygenist or even a dentist.” — Aubree Kiebles, Dental Assistant Program

“The impact [of this class] on my life has been tremendous. Being in this class and having a teacher that really does care about his students helped me grow up and helped me dream bigger and do better things than I ever thought I would be able to do.” — Candice Kopecky, Pharmacy Technician Program

“The instructor was very knowledgeable. She presented her knowledge in a way that has really helped us in the real world. The externship really explained everything we learned in the class, it all came together.” — Travis Bruce, Phlebotomy Technician Program

“This program is very beneficial. It is very informational and helpful and prepares you for the real world and opens up many doors for you. The program was very convenient with having children and a family, I learned a lot and gained employment from it!” — Rachelle Williams, Phlebotomy Technician Program

“No matter what I do, I know this class was a step in the right direction. I’ve learned so much! I really enjoyed [the instructor’s] teaching style and I learned so much from her. She was very approachable and made the class feel like a family. If she didn’t know the answer to one of our questions, she would find out!” — Nikki Peterkovic, Veterinary Assistant Program

“As a kid, you want to be an astronaut, princess, cowboy, or even a superhero. As a high school student, you have to apply for colleges and pick a career. For me, I was working as a waitress and attending College of DuPage part-time. It wasn’t until fall 2012 that I found my career would be working with animals. Thanks to an adoption event at PetSmart, I found my calling. In 2013 an advertisement on CODS Web page popped up Veterinary Assistant Program. In fall 2014 I signed up for the Veterinary Assistant program. It was worth the time, money, and experience. Not only was attending class enjoyable but my teacher, Christy Millett was kind, knowledgeable, and helpful. She prepared me for the Externship and made me feel secure. Sadly during the externship, I found I couldn’t handle the smells that come with the job. Regardless, the employees were understanding and worked with me to finish my externship. I passed the program and received my certificate. I may not be able to work with animals like I wanted, but I found my new career path. I am going to incorporate therapy dogs with being a veteran’s counselor for PTSD. In fall 2016 I will be starting my classes for the veteran’s counselor certificate at COD. Along the way, I will be researching and hopefully getting closer to my goal of not only helping veterans but helping them find a furry friend they can count on.” — Krista Sawicki, Veterinary Assistant Program

“I just wanted to reiterate how much the videos help, especially to hear phonetically how the words are pronounced. Also, thank you for providing us with the extra pharmacology practice sheets. I know the information you provide is just what is needed to be a veterinary assistant. The extra information is greatly appreciated. I hope to go further than just a veterinary assistant. But, even if I don’t, with the knowledge you are providing me I hope to the be BEST and MOST knowledgeable veterinary assistant someone has hired! My ultimate goal is to be able to help animals live a healthy and long life and provide the comfort and care they need when they are sick. If I can do that, I know I can make a difference in their lives and taking this class was what I needed to accomplish just that. I have benefited so much from this class even in the short period of time since it has started! I was somewhat hesitant to continue because it went from an in classsetting to online, but the video’s that accompany the lessons have helped tremendously. I am so glad I continued.” Cynthia Cellura — Veterinary Assistant Student

“The Medical Billing and Coding program through MK Education offers instruction of completely applicable knowledge that is needed in a real-working job. The courses require diligence in studying, though all material covered is relevant. My instructor had an engaging approach to teaching which is punctuated with her high level of hands-on experience. I successfully passed the Certified Professional Coding test on my first attempt. More than that, I was offered a coding position with a family practice group before my courses and test were completed. I feel secure in my profession, and enjoy knowing that I can continue to pursue further training and even additional certifications.” — Kim Adams, 2013 MK Education Graduate