Why choose MK Healthcare Education?

MK Education’s certificate programs prepare students with practical skills and necessary medical knowledge needed to work in the field. These programs may also ready students for professional certification exams, which are not required to work in the field, but do prove competency and could help with career advancement.

No matter what I do, I know this class was a step in the right direction. I’ve learned so much! I really enjoyed [the instructor’s] teaching style and I learned so much from her. She was very approachable and made the class feel like a family. If she didn’t know the answer to one of our questions, she would find out! Read more…

Nikki Peterkovic, Veterinary Assistant Program

The impact [of this class] on my life has been tremendous. Being in this class and having a teacher that really does care about his students helped me grow up and helped me dream bigger and do better things than I ever thought I would be able to do. Read more…

Candice Kopecky, Pharmacy Technician Program

The instructor was very knowledgeable. She presented her knowledge in a way that has really helped us in the real world. The externship really explained everything we learned in the class, it all came together. Read more…

Travis Bruce, Phlebotomy Technician Program

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