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Crisis of the Epipens and How CVS Saves the Day!

Have you ever wondered why the cost of healthcare and medicine in the U.S is enormously high? One thing we can all agree to is corporate greed. A true example to that would be the corporation, Mylan, for notoriously pricing their branded 2 pack epinephrine auto-injector, Epipen, for $600. What makes it sound so ludicrous is that the cost of making each pen is only $30. But Mylan hiked up its pricing by 400%!

In case if you were wondering, the Epipen is a device used for anaphylactic shock that results from life threatening allergic reactions. And this sort of thing doesn’t make sense to me that it’s not made affordable to the public. Fortunately, I did read about a positive change just last week that the drugstore chain, CVS, is now offering a more affordable generic version of the 2 pack auto-injector, Adrenaclick, for $109.99. For the insurance holders, you could purchase this brand for $100 with a coupon. It is approved by the FDA and has the same drug formulation and device functionality as the branded Epipen, but for less than half its cost!

“As a health care company focused on helping people on their path to better health, we recognized that there was an urgent need in the marketplace for a less expensive epinephrine auto-injector for patients with life-threatening allergies,” said Helena Foulkes, President of CVS Pharmacy.

Foulkes further addressed, “In order to address this challenge, we have partnered with Impax to purchase their epinephrine auto-injector at a price that is lower than similar brand or authorized generic epinephrine auto-injectors. We are passing these savings along to our customers and patients, making this product available at all CVS Pharmacy locations at the lowest cash price in the market.” (Source: CVS Health Offers Patients Lowest Cash Price in the Market for Generic Epinephrine Auto-injector to Treat Allergic Reactions – Company Press Release)

Furthermore, health insurance giant, Cigna, has dropped its coverage for Mylan’s $600 Epipen in favor of the cheaper CVS version of $109.99. Cigna, however, will only be covering Mylan’s generic version of the auto-injector pen priced at $300. The health insurer has recognized the public’s need for lower and affordable costing which is why they have decided to drop coverage for Mylan’s insane price of $600. Additionally, Mylan’s stock prices have fallen by 6.2% almost instantaneously as the future President Trump has stated at a press conference on how the company and the healthcare industry is “getting away with murder”.

Mylan has been crushed by Trump, Cigna and CVS – all in 2 days. I personally believe that everything comes back around in full circle. What you project is what you receive. In this case, the corporate greed to profit off from the insanely high priced Epipen has eventually come back around to bite them in the rear.

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Online school accepts displaced Heritage Institute students

FORT MYERS, Fla. — Another technical college has agreed to take in former pharmacy technician students from Heritage Institute.

MK Education, an online technical college, is allowing students to complete their education through their program at FGCU.

Amanda Teckenbrock, a former Heritage Institute professor who was teaching her pharmacy students from home, is glad that MK Education decided to accept her students.

“They’re not only taking the Fort Myers students, they’re taking all of the pharmacy tech students nationwide,” Teckenbrock said. “So it was a win-win.”

However, many teachers still have questions that need answers.

“They were supposed to send us all emails and explain everything and we’ve never gotten anything,” said Betty Smith, a former Heritage instructor.

“No one’s gotten anything from them,” Teckenbrock said. “I personally have not received an email, have not received a letter in the mail, I haven’t received anything…no correspondence at all from Heritage.”

Over 600 former employees filed a class action lawsuit against the technical college last week after the school abruptly shut down on Nov. 1. But now, Teckenbrock heard from other teachers that their flex spending accounts were emptied.

“No instructor has access to their account,” Teckenbrock said. “They were told by the company that Heritage closed it down and took all the money out.”

Teckenbrock recently held her last class session in her home as she was offered a position at FGCU. Her students are grateful she didn’t abandon them as well.

“The fact that she’s willing to help us and continue teaching us out of her home is just amazing for her to do,” said Emily Kennedy, one of Teckenbrock’s students.

Students told WINK News they’re also considering filing a class action lawsuit against the school. The owner of Heritage Institute couldn’t be reached for comment.

MK Education’s CEO Is An Active Member of the Midwestern University’s College of Pharmacy Deans Advisory Council


The future of healthcare is consistently evolving. The Midwestern University College of Pharmacy Deans Advisory Board is comprised of top leaders within the Pharmacy field, representing an array of education organizations and professionals. Our President here at MK Education, Mayur Shah, is a current member of the Deans Advisory Board where is also happens to be an alumnus. Some of the critical topics discussed were better care for patients, better investments to support patients, coordinating high-quality care, and emphasizing and rewarding quality.

“I believe it is critical that pharmacists provide patient care and treatment plans, focused input and inspire change through a collaborative and informed dialogue on rapidly evolving healthcare operations impacting both our personal and professional communities”.

Why Watch Classic Films in Their Original State…

classic-movie-starsI love watching older films especially ones that were filmed in black and white. These films have much more depth and visual splendor than many newer films that are produced today. During the 1980’s there were many production companies that were “Colorizing” black and white films. They had many reasons for doing so. One line of thinking was to introduce the younger crowd to these older classics. Some thought the films looked better with the Colorization process.

A few films that were colorized in the 1980’S were “Casablanca”, “Citizen Kane”, “Miracle on 34st Street” and “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Today, whenever these films do reappear on T.V. in their colorized state, I always turn off the color selection on my remote control. I will not watch a movie that has been colorized. It seems to me the true sense of the film has been removed by this process. I believe that if the Director/Producer wanted to create the film in color they would have done so. An excellent example is “Psycho”. Alfred Hitchcock had any type of technology available to him at the time in 1960, and yet he chose to film one of his greatest films in black and white. See below a list of the best black and white films to see:

• Psycho
• A Streetcar Named Desire
• Schindler’s List
• The Hustler
• Raging Bull
• To Kill a Mockingbird
• On the Waterfront
• Citizen Kane
• The Seven Samurai
• It’s a Wonderful Life
• The Last Picture Show

Academia Is Really Something!

chelseaMy name is Chelsea Burns and I am a fourth-year pharmacy student on rotation at MK Education. This was my elective rotation, which means I got to choose which specialty or field of pharmacy to work at for a six-week period. I chose MK Education because I wanted to try my hand at teaching. I had the wonderful opportunity to teach pharmacy technician students at Morton College during my time here, and I would like to share a bit of my experience.

It was very interesting to be on the other end of things: being the teacher at the podium rather than the student sitting in the desk. I got to present about the HIPAA law, pseudoephedrine laws, routes of administration, and responsibilities of a pharmacy technician. The students were very responsive to me as a student and I felt like they truly listened to what I had to say. The instructor and I worked together to create PowerPoints for the upcoming classes so the students could be exposed to a variety of different teaching styles and topics.

It turns out that academia is something I could definitely see myself doing in the future. Teaching students and inspiring them to pursue pharmacy gave me such pride! Thank you, MK Education, for this opportunity.

Positive Impact On All Species

FB_IMG_1459130448128Throughout history, we find evidence of the Human-Animal Bond. Daily, we hear pet parents claiming their pets to be valuable members of the family. As veterinary professionals, we are committed to promoting and enhancing the Human-Animal Bond.

As a result of numerous studies, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognize the health benefits of companion animal interaction as follows:

  • Decreased blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels
  • Decreased feelings of loneliness.
  • Increased opportunities for exercise, outdoor activities, and socialization.

Even more exciting, a New In Health (NIH) study found that pet owners who suffered heart attacks were more likely to survive than non-pet owners. The student went on to find that pet owners have better cardiovascular health overall.

Daily, we are finding increasing evidence to support the benefits of the Human-Animal Bond starting in childhood and carrying through adult life. As humans, we can benefit greatly from being in the company of other creatures of the world. As a Veterinary Professional, I’m particularly excited about the incorporation of animal therapy services in the human medical field which is growing in awareness and demand.

The Veterinary Field is a unique profession where we have the opportunity to have a positive impact on all species of the planet. The Veterinary Assistant Training Program offered through MK Education provides students an excellent start to a tail-wagging career!

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